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Hyderabad: A nationwide investigation into the case of an illegal instant loan application involving Chinese nationals took a heavy blow when three of the four alleged Chinese leaders were granted conditional bail, after two commissioners of police did not file indictments within the stipulated three months.
Hyderabad police in May filed two separate indictments against Chinese national Zhu Wei aka Lambo. As a result, it has helped police keep Lambo behind bars since his arrest with his company manager Nagaraju in December 2020.
Lambo had used Nagaraju’s bank account to upload 30 funding requests from the Play Store.
“We knew this was such a high profile case that we had to file a complaint in time and luckily we did,” Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar told TOI.
Unlike Hyderabad Police, Cybercrime Police in Rachakonda and Cyberabad failed to file the indictment against three Chinese nationals on time as they awaited crucial forensic evidence.
So far, various law enforcement agencies in Telangana have arrested 50 people at call centers in various parts of the country after six victims, including an agricultural officer and a software engineer, committed suicide. .
Dozens of people have said they have been harassed and their photos shared on social media by companies to shame them for not repaying their loans.
Rachakonda police said on Monday that they had yet to file an indictment against Chinese woman Liang Tian and He Jian alias Mark. Both are free on bail.
Likewise, Delhi’s Dennis also got bail after Cyberabad officials failed to file the indictment on time.
However, Dennis has appeared before police periodically, as indicated by the court in the conditional bond granted to him.
“We are in the process of finalizing the chargesheet. Hopefully it will be filed within the next two weeks, ”a senior cybercrime official from Rachakonda Police told TOI.
Police in Cyberabad and Rachakonda were both awaiting forensic reports, in addition to dealing with cases brought by the defendants to the Telangana High Court, challenging the police action.
As a result, there was a delay in filing the indictment, which helped the three Chinese nationals secure bail.
Officials in Hyderabad, Cyberabad and Rachakonda have named several Chinese nationals, residing in China or other countries, as accused in cases of harassment of instant loan applications.


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