Mortgage Calculator Co Launches New Brand Powered By NEXA Mortgage


The Mortgage Calculator Co – Powered by NEXA Mortgage LLC

Join our team of mortgage agents at The Mortgage Calculator Co

Join our team of mortgage agents at The Mortgage Calculator Co

NEXA Mortgage Award - No. 2 Mortgage Broker in the United States for 2019

NEXA Mortgage Award – No. 2 Mortgage Broker in the United States for 2019

The Mortgage Calculator Co Teams Up With NEXA Mortgage, Creating Branding Technology To Empower Loan Officers And Borrowers

I’m excited to bring my 15+ years of online marketing expertise to the mortgage space and to team up with a company like NEXA that embraces new ideas and empowers entrepreneurial loan officers! “

– Nicholas Hiersche NMLS # 1928593

MIAMI, Florida, United States, Jan. 25, 2021 / – Nexa Mortgage LLC, the fastest growing mortgage broker in the United States, has partnered with Nicholas Hiersche and his partners to launch The Mortgage Calculator Co team with cutting edge technology. The team is growing rapidly to hire approved mortgage originators in over 48 states across the United States to build a network of tech savvy loan officers to help borrowers from a distance. Mortgage brokers and mortgage originators can apply now to join The Mortgage Calculator Co team to use a fully digital mortgage application process, CRM and lead management software to help borrowers instantly. Loan officers who are ready to embrace the new technology can apply to The Mortgage Calculator Co as a Mortgage Creator at As-Mortgage-Loan-Originator

Using The Mortgage Calculator Co’s online system, borrowers can apply online using a fully digital 1003 mortgage application that allows borrowers not only to apply online but also to upload documents online. completely secure, get secure loan updates, connect their bank account so they never have to update their bank statements again. and instantly get credits for prequalification purposes. Many lenders now allow a completely virtual close for the final loan package, allowing borrowers to complete the mortgage or refinance process entirely from the comfort of their home!

“It’s time for the mortgage industry to move into the new digital world …” says Nick Hiersche, Mortgage Calculator Team Leader. He continues, “People don’t want to be harassed to fill out manual forms. Most of our clients get quotes and upload their documents online without having to talk to anyone on the phone. In today’s world of unwanted calls, no one wants the day interrupted by calls, so we are happy to communicate via SMS. We put the decision and the timing in the hands of our customers, where they should be. “

Mortgage loan officers who join The Mortgage Calculator Co will have access to all the tools to excel in the digital world and build a fully digital mortgage business. This includes a personalized website, digital 1003 mortgage application, CRM system with smart phone number, and a dialer to route calls. These tools can instantly increase loan officer production by streamlining the point of sale process and injecting new borrower leads into the sales cycle for every MLO on the team.

About The Mortgage Calculator Co:
Welcome to the future of mortgage lending! Using technology and the power of scale, The Mortgage Calculator Co instantly registers borrower loans from over 100 banks and lenders across the country! Meanwhile, borrowers can apply, download and sign all documents remotely to make the transaction completely hands-free and easy for borrowers. Apply for a mortgage or refinance now at https://TheMortgageCalculator.Co

About NEXA Mortgage LLC:
NEXA Mortgage LLC NMLS # 1660690 is a mortgage broker lending to consumers looking to own a home or refinance their existing one. Our mission is to serve our customers with honesty, integrity and competence while providing an exceptional customer experience.

Our goal is to provide home loans to consumers across the country while providing them with the lowest possible interest rates and closing costs. We are committed to helping borrowers overcome any obstacles that may arise in obtaining a loan and strive to offer the best payment plan and the best terms imaginable.

NEXA Mortgage is one of the fastest growing mortgage companies in the United States and was officially the second largest mortgage brokerage in the United States in 2019 for production, awarded by AIME, the Association of independent mortgage experts. 2020 has already awarded NEXA Mortgage the title of “Fastest Growing Mortgage Brokerage of 2020”, with over 800 licensed MLO assets under management. For more information visit

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