Mortgage Calculator™ by MH Riley Ltd

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‘Mortgage Calculator’ has one purpose – to SAVE YOU MONEY on your mortgage!

If you’re buying a home, looking to refinance, or just want to get the most out of your existing mortgage, then this is the perfect app for you.

Try different “What-If” scenarios and quickly see how extra payments can save you a lot of time and money. You can enter any number of additional monthly, annual, or one-time payments in any loan period. Then watch the total term of the loan and the cost decrease. You might be surprised at how much!

Easily visualize your cost savings in simple, interactive charts. Just swipe to see the costs for each year.

5 Stars – “…beautiful, simple graphics that make tricky decisions that much easier.”

5-Stars – “…really helped me compare different mortgage offers”

*** Strong points ***
Specially designed for the US market:

√ See the effect of regular or one-time extra payments
√ Variable rate support
√ Calculate the “actual cost”, including taxes, etc.
√ Takes PMI into account
√ Try different “What-If” scenarios
√ Email a PDF or HTML of loan details
√ Support for ARM 3/1, 5/1, 7/1 mortgages
√ Charts allow easy visualization of costs
√ Make an informed choice by comparing loans
√ Backup and restore via Dropbox
√ Password protection
√ Elegant, simple and powerful user interface

***Quick Calculators***
Super fast calculators for instant answers:

√ How much can you afford to borrow?
√ Monthly payments
√ Money saving effect of additional payments
√ Moving cost

*** Analyze and Compare ***
Visualize mortgage costs in simple, easy-to-understand charts:

√ Store details of multiple mortgages
√ Easily view each year’s costs with the swipe of a finger
√ Try different “What-If” scenarios
√ Additional payments can “reduce duration” or “reduce payments”
√ Include tax, insurance, PMI in payments
√ Support for ‘Refund’ or ‘Interest only’
√ Monthly Cost Allocation (Amortization)
√ Compare up to 4 mortgages side by side
√ Support for ARM “initial rates”, e.g. 4% for 3 years

*** #1 Voted Property App – ***
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“The most powerful arrow in its quiver is how it handles what-if situations, allowing you to analyze all sorts of mortgage-related questions, such as how much you can afford to borrow, and a variety of ‘other hypothetical scenarios…’

Note that multiple currencies are supported!

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