Manning Mortgage Calculator: How Long Would It Take Peyton To Pay Off Your Home?


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DENVER – Peyton Manning is one of the highest paid players in the NFL, with a salary approaching $ 20 million this season. Imagine the bills you could pay if you had that kind of money.

Well imagine no more – because a real estate blogger did just that. He figured out a way to calculate how many good Peyton coins it would take to pay off your house. He calls it the Manning Mortgage Calculator.

“It was a really hard idea to come up with. But we finally got to the point of looking at his salary and stats, to figure out how many passes and touchdowns it would take to pay off your mortgage, ”said Travis Sowrie, real writer. real estate blog, which came with the calculator.

He worked the numbers – taking Peyton’s passing and touchdown stats for the last three seasons he started, and divided them by his salary of $ 19.2 million.

It is mind boggling. If you break down Peyton’s paycheck, he earns $ 559,277 per touchdown. He earns $ 46,376 for each pass completed. Heck, he even makes $ 31,423 for every pass he throws, whether he completes it or not.

“I just shook my head, I was like oh my god… it’s amazing what they are doing,” Sowrie said after doing the math,

Using these numbers, Sowrie developed the calculator for fun, so you can see how long it would take Peyton to pay off your house.

Let’s say you have a mortgage for $ 125,000. Peyton could pay that with just three completed passes, 4 attempted passes, 31 passing yards or one touchdown.

Suppose your house costs $ 450,000? Peyton could still pay that, with just one touchdown.

This funny idea is a way for Colts fan Sowrie to distract himself from the grief Peyton caused him when the legendary quarterback left to become a Denver Bronco.

“Basically I feel like I grew up with him, I was in his very first game, I watched him throw his very first touchdown. He’s the best quarterback ever, so he will always have a special place in my heart, ”said Sowrie.

To find out how long it would take Peyton to pay off your house, click the link to the Manning Mortgage Calculator here: -mortgage-with-peyton-manning /

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