mahesh babu: Cops Pack T’wood Power Punch to dissuade you from loan application trap | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: Have you ever imagined actor Mahesh Babu delivering a strong dialogue warning people against lending from instant loan apps? Or the Junior NTR actor delivering a fiery one-liner to his mega-hit “RRR” warning audiences against using loaner apps?
This is exactly what the Telangana police have started doing to educate people against using loan apps which has driven some people in anguish to commit suicide, unable to bear the humiliation of loan collectors.

In an innovative idea, the police are using popular Telugu movie stars, their dialogues and still images to warn the public against the trap of instant loan apps.
The police are also spreading posters with movie stars with their famous dialogues from their hit movies on social media to educate people against lending from these instant apps. “Pranam poddi saami, loan apps jolieki pomaaku (Don’t take loans on loan apps, you risk your life),” actress Rashmika told actor Allu Arjun in a dialogue that the Coordinating Center of Telangana Cybercrime (T4C) has developed. This is in response to Allu Arjun’s famous dialogue ‘Thaggedele’ (no backtracking) from his movie ‘Pushpa’.
Building on the recent release of actor Mahesh Babu’s ‘Sarkaru Vaari Paata’, TAC offered another dialogue in Telugu, ‘Lending apps download cheyyakandi. Idi sarkar vaari maata. Dayachesi vinandi. Using Mahesh Babu’s photo people are being told not to download loan apps and this is government advice. In another post, NTR Jr’s photo is used with the dialogue, “Bheema…loan app tho pranam pothundiraa. Ena padutunda?” (With these loan apps lives are lost. Do you listen Bhima).
Interestingly, T4C kept the dialect and language as it sounded in the movies to convey the message to people about the dangers of lending apps.

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