Loan Application Recovery Agents Mark Loan as a ‘rapist’

Hyderabad: Agents of “malicious lending apps” would harass people again. In a recent case, Hyderabad police filed an FIR against debt collectors at an app-based financial company after officers falsely accused a man of being a rapist to force him to repay the loan and avoid further harassment.

The complainant, in his statement to Hyderabad Police, said he allegedly altered his photo and added content saying he raped a five-year-old child, in addition to brutally assaulting the minor. They also said she was now in intensive care.

According to a news report Times for India, the man, who lives in Hyderabad, had complained to the police a week ago. He allegedly took out a loan from an app two years ago and told police he also repaid the loan, but was still being harassed by debt collectors.

Speaking to TOI about the harassment of DCP, CCS loan amount application collection agents, Gajarao Bhupal said, “We need to investigate the case from where they are calling. However, complaints about loan application harassment have come to our attention.

In December 2020, Telangana Police declared such loan apps to be illegal. These apps offer instant loans and there are at least 60 such loan applications available on the Google Play Store which are not registered or recognized by the Reserve Bank of India as NBFC. Their operations are illegal, police said.

Harassment of debt collectors is not new

In one case on December 16, 2020, a man named Sunil died by suicide due to alleged harassment he allegedly faced from loan collectors. He was found dead in his rented accommodation in Kismatpur, Hyderabad.

Police say Sunil failed to repay the loan, so representatives of these apps accessed his phone contacts and called his friends and family to intensify pressure on him to repay.

In a similar case, K Mounica, a resident of Siddipet, committed suicide. She had availed a loan of Rs 3 Lakh and was unable to repay it on time. The 24-year-old agricultural extension worker ended her life by consuming pesticides after an app-based finance company branded her a loan defaulter and allegedly humiliated her by calling people listed in the phone contact list.

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