Loan and Mortgage Calculator – MarkMoney by Thomas Mark

MarkMoney is a unique tool for calculating loans or mortgages in just a few steps or for preparing savings or withdrawal plans. MarkMoney also has a Compound Interest and Inflation Calculator for the general calculation of capital development.

Presentation of the calculator:
– Car loan
– Real estate loan
– Loan calculator
– Mortgage calculator
– Savings plan calculator
– Withdrawal plan
– Compound interest calculator
– Inflation calculator

As a financial expert, you want to do your calculations quickly and efficiently, without having to worry about cumbersome dialogs and cryptic abbreviations. The user interface is purposely simple and provides all the functionality you need for your calculations. No more no less.

The fundamental method of calculating almost any subject enables you to answer quickly and competently the most important questions that one can usually find in connection with credit management and financial advice.

In order to operate very efficiently, the application has a unique simulation mode. Your details will be displayed attractively on the one hand as a bar graph, on the other hand, the bar graph is used as a control panel to simulate various scenarios. This simulation allows you to vary the most important parameters in small steps, so that “what if” scenarios can be simulated in a fun way. For example, to increase the duration of a savings plan, a single swipe from left to right on the graph is sufficient.

– All calculations are performed in real time directly after data entry.
– Add additional payments or conditions in the mortgage calculator.
– Add additional payments in the savings plan calculator.
– Calculation dialog box to calculate financing needs.
– Modification of the language / currency in the application.
– Quick change between year and month.
– Calculator function in data entry.
– Graphic simulation.
– Adjustable results field.
– Bar and Camembert for a clear presentation of the results.
– The start month can be assigned.
– If necessary, additional help texts can be displayed for each input field.
– Automatic saving of entered data.
– Comparison between calculation variants A and B.
– Create PDF / HTML reports, print and send by email.
– Direct printing of all reports via AirPrint.

Try it first, then buy: you can download and test the demo version of MarkMoney for free. Unlike this full version, interest payments can only be calculated on a quarterly basis. In the full version, interest payments can be calculated, of course, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. So they don’t have to buy a pig on the fly.

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