Harassed by Loan Application Staff, IT Company Employee Ends His Life | News from Coimbatore

Coimbatore: A 25-year-old technician was found hanged in his rental house in Varadarajulu Nagar near Ganapathy on Thursday. Police said he left a suicide note accusing staff of a loan application and a botched deal.
Saravanampatti Police said the deceased, B Bharathiraja, from Ethakudi village near Sirkali in Mayiladuthurai district, worked with an IT company in Saravanampatti and was staying with his older brother B Velmurugan, 36, in Varadarajulu Nagar .
Police said Bharathiraja did not go to work on Thursday. “When his older brother returned home at 4:10 p.m., he found Bharathiraja hanging from the ceiling fan by a nylon rope,” an officer said.
The officer said he recovered a note in which Bharathiraja said he was threatened by staff with a loan application after failing to repay 12,108. “They threatened to release his nude photos to his contacts. He held the loan application staff responsible for ending his life. He also said he was depressed after his lover left him a few weeks ago,” the officer added.
Police said users of the loan app must provide access to their photos and contacts and that staff may have taken their photos and altered them.
Saravanampatti police registered a case under Article 174 of the Code of Criminal Procedure and launched an investigation.

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