Get a monthly payment estimate with Google’s mortgage calculator

Matt Elliott / CNET

Buying a home is one of the most anxiety-provoking processes you will go through. Finding the right home can be time consuming, as can the process of signing a contract. And then there’s the little detail of figuring out how much you can afford to spend on what is possibly the biggest purchase you’ll ever make.

When we bought our home, my wife and I spent a lot of time researching our monthly expenses and income to determine how much we could comfortably afford to spend on a monthly mortgage payment. We used a random selection of financial sites each time we wanted to use a mortgage calculator to run the numbers.


Screenshot by Matt Elliott / CNET

Google recently added a mortgage calculator to its set of search tools, eliminating the need for you to go to a separate site to get an estimate. Just Google’s “mortgage calculator” and a mortgage calculator box appear at the top of search results, under paid ads. You can enter your loan amount, interest rate, and loan term to get an estimate of your monthly mortgage payment.

Keep in mind that the number Google spits out is simply the principal and interest payment, which doesn’t include the escrow payments you make each month for property taxes and home insurance. To include these two important monthly payments in your estimates, you’ll need to use a mortgage calculator other than Google’s rudimentary tool.

For quieter activities than buying a house, you can use Google to flip a coin or roll the dice.

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