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You own the business itself, but it is still small entrepreneur? If your answer is yes to any or all of these questions, you may still have difficulty getting loans in the traditional way in banks, right? Microcredit can be a great option!

What is microcredit

What is microcredit

It is a loan that exists especially for you that is still a small entrepreneur. In order for you to receive microcredit, you must be a business person, individual microentrepreneur or informal entrepreneur.

Interest rates are only 4% per month, which cannot be exceeded.

Microcredit has its advantages of less paperwork, which helps it expand its business, generate better profitability for businesses and make it easier for small business owners to achieve better capital turnover.

There is only one disadvantage to microcredit: Unfortunately in Brazil, not all banks offer this service. However, it is one of them that can help you.

Interest rates

Interest rates

The interest rate will be negotiated between the bank agent and the person applying for the loan.

There is also an open rate, equivalent to 3% of the amount requested in microcredit. ‘s interest is up to 100% of the financed amount.

Deadline to pay

Deadline to pay

The institution offers the client the opportunity to negotiate the timeframe with the operating agent. Guarantees will also be negotiated between agent and customer, but no real guarantees will be required, as the vast majority of transactions are collateralized by collateral.

And who can apply for microcredit at this institution?

And who can apply for microcredit at this institution?

Both individuals and corporations can apply for microcredit loans.

In the case of legal entities, only small business owners, and with annual gross of up to USD 360,000. The funds can be used for working capital, fixed productive investments such as civil works, machinery purchase, new and used equipment, and material purchases.

How do I apply for microcredit?

How do I apply for microcredit?

To order, simply submit a request through the developer channel, or go to your operator agent in your city or region. You can also consult with financial institutions that offer their own networks of microcredit traders.

The loan application will be reviewed by the operating agent.

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Mortgage interest rate development /mortgage-interest-rate-development/ /mortgage-interest-rate-development/#respond Thu, 04 Jul 2019 15:48:27 +0000

How does the mortgage interest rate develop in 2018? We give our expectations for interest based on developments in the market. Will the mortgage interest rate rise in 2018?

Mortgage interest rate expectation 2018

Mortgage interest rate expectation 2018

The mortgage interest rate fell slightly last year. This seems to have reached the bottom of the interest. This year, the European Central Bank started to phase out the stimulus measures that are now causing low mortgage rates. The central bank opts for the cautious approach, which means that mortgage interest rates will rise slightly in 2018 years.

Mortgage interest rate bottom reached?  

Mortgage interest rate bottom reached?  & nbsp;

Mortgage interest has broken several low records in recent years. Last year was a changing year in terms of interest rates. For example, interest rates rose unexpectedly at the beginning of last year and by the end of 2017, interest rates dropped back to the historically low interest rate level at the end of 2016.

On balance, the average mortgage interest rate fell by a few tenths of a percent last year. After the sharp decline in recent years, it appears that the bottom of the mortgage interest has now reached. This is the moment for many homeowners to take out the mortgage. How does the mortgage interest rate develop in 2018?

Why is the mortgage interest rate low?  

Why is the mortgage interest rate low?  & nbsp;

To answer this question, we first look at the cause of this historically low mortgage interest rate. We largely ‘owe’ this to the euro crisis, resulting in low economic growth. The European Central Bank (ECB) has for some time been taking measures to boost spending in the Eurozone.

The ECB has two important instruments for this. It keeps its policy interest rates low while at the same time buying out billions of euros in loans every month. This should make mortgages and consumer money borrowing attractive. The savings rate is kept low to make saving unattractive.

Incentive measures phased out in 2018  

Incentive measures phased out in 2018 & nbsp;

The economy in the Eurozone is now growing steadily. Account is taken of 2.3% economic growth in the Eurozone for 2018. This expected growth rate has already been adjusted upwards a number of times. This is partly the reason for the ECB to gradually phase out the stimulus measures. The central bank has halved the buy-back program from 60 billion to 30 billion since 2018. The policy rates remain the same for the time being.

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Mortgage is no longer the standard for starters /mortgage-is-no-longer-the-standard-for-starters/ /mortgage-is-no-longer-the-standard-for-starters/#respond Sat, 15 Jun 2019 15:38:29 +0000

Fewer starters take out a mortgage with a National Mortgage Guarantee. Why is a Goodz mortgage not always interesting for starters these days?

Number of starters with mortgage is falling

Number of starters with mortgage is falling

In 2014, 72% of starters still opted for a Goodz mortgage. With the housing market crisis still in mind, extra security in the event of payment problems and residual debt was not a superfluous luxury. Also not unimportant, many banks offer an interest discount at Goodz.

The percentage of starters who now opt for a Goodz mortgage is only 53%. This has two main causes:

  • Starter homes become more expensive, which means that the cost limit for a good mortgage is exceeded.
  • Starters nowadays have to pay a large part of their additional costs from their own pocket. The cost of Goods is a big hurdle for them.

Warranty is not always interesting for starters

Warranty is not always interesting for starters

In addition to the fact that it is often not possible to take out a mortgage with Goodz, the guarantee and the interest rate discount are not always interesting for starters. Extra security is not always necessary, provided that the starter has not been fooled by the heated housing market. From 2018, no more than the house value can be borrowed and starters are nowadays obliged to repay the mortgage at least annually.

It also takes years for the costs for Goodz to be recovered with the interest discount. Starters must take into account that the guarantee cannot be included in the event of a move. They then have to take out a new Goodz mortgage, which again requires bail commissions again. When moving to a house above the cost limit, Goodz is no longer possible.

Goodz mortgage is no longer the standard for starters

Goodz mortgage is no longer the standard for starters

To keep up with the rise in the average house price, the Goodz limit will be raised to 265,000 euros in 2018. The question is whether this is sufficient to offer all starters the guarantee. There are large regional differences in the level of the average purchase price of houses.

In addition, in 2018 no more than the house value may be borrowed. The costs for the National Mortgage Guarantee must therefore be paid entirely from your own pocket. And despite the fact that the Goodz commission is under fire, the costs will remain 1% of the home value next year. A plan to be able to co-finance the Goodz costs has been rejected by the Cabinet.

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Yield Comparison of Credit Loan and Bonds /yield-comparison-of-credit-loan-and-bonds/ /yield-comparison-of-credit-loan-and-bonds/#respond Thu, 06 Jun 2019 15:34:33 +0000 In addition to being able to borrow money from other individuals, Credit Loan’s credit marketplace also offers investors the opportunity to lend money to other consumers.

Comparison of Credit Loan and Bonds


Interestingly, however, is the question of how private lending of money as a way of investing in comparison to bonds?
Why just bonds, one or the other will ask for sure now. The answer lies in the structure of a loan agreement: in return for borrowed money, an investor receives the repayment in the form of monthly installments, which consist of interest and repayments. The installments remain the same for the duration of the loan. Similarly, the structure of most bonds is where the investor acquires an option to redeem the bond at face value at maturity and pay a coupon, usually annual. As such, borrowing money from Credit Loan can be viewed as a kind of private loan, repaying part of the lent money and a fixed interest rate month after month.

The interest rates paid on Credit Loan average are found daily in the marketplace statistics. In particular, the interest rate, the risk premium, the expected return and the expected payment ratio are interesting. The focus will be on loans with a maturity of 36 months.

Expected payment and default rates for 36-month loans:

Expected payment and default rates for 36-month loans:

credit rating A B C D e F G H
Expected payment ratio 98.8% 97.8% 96.6% 96.1% 95.1% 93.7% 90.6% 87.1%
Expected default rate 1.2% 2.2% 3.4% 3.9% 4.9% 6.3% 9.4% 12.9%

Interest rate, risk premium and expected return on loans with 36 months maturity:

credit rating A B C D e F G H
Interest rate (average 60 days) 7.2% 9.0% 10.6% 10.2% 11.4% 12.8% 14.5% 16.0%
risk premium -0.6% -1.1% -1.7% -2.0% -2.6% -3.4% -5.1% -7.1%
Expected return 6.7% 8.0% 8.9% 8.2% 8.9% 9.4% 9.3% 9.0%

In order to make Credit Loan’s opportunity-risk profile comparable to investing in corporate bonds, I have assigned the default probabilities of the individual credit rating classes to the corresponding ratings of bonds.

There is a statistic with the default probabilities of bonds depending on rating and maturity. Since the focus is on online loans with a maturity of 36 months, the probability of default of bonds with a residual maturity of four years is best suited for comparison. According to the source mentioned above, the following values ​​result:

Bond rating AAA AA A BBB BB B CCC
Failure probability at
4 years duration
0.1% 0.2% 0.4% 1.6% 9.4% 25.5% 48.8%

Based on these data

Based on these data

Credit Loan’s credit quality grades can now be compared with individual ratings of bonds. This also takes into account intermediate levels in the bond rating such as BBB + or BB-:

Class of credit at Credit Loan A B C D e F G H
Equivalent bond rating BBB + BBB- BBB- BBB- BB + BB + BB- B +
Expected return Credit Loan 6,70% 8.00% 8.90% 8.20% 8.90% 9.40% 9.30% 9.00%
Expected return bonds 6.0% 7.00% 7.00% 7.00% 7.40% 7.40% 7.00% 7.30%

Bond yields were calculated as the average of at least four Euro corporate bonds with a corresponding rating and a residual maturity of approx. 3 years.

For all rating classes, the above comparison shows that with estimated same default risk and remaining maturity, lending money through Credit Loan’s credit marketplace has a higher return expectation than buying corporate bonds.

With this in mind, I can wholeheartedly recommend to investors how to use Credit Loan as a custody admixture for their own investments.

The author operates under a long-established financial portal, which is dedicated to the comparison of various financing offers and the information of consumers on all facets of the financial sector.

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Fraud With My Credit Card on Vacation /fraud-with-my-credit-card-on-vacation/ /fraud-with-my-credit-card-on-vacation/#respond Sat, 01 Jun 2019 13:56:30 +0000

During the year you may use your credit card only occasionally, but on vacation it soon becomes your loyal companion. At a restaurant, in the supermarket, for your hotel reservations or to pay toll. “The credit card is a practical and very secure payment method, provided that the cardholder observes some basic security rules,” explains James Maelstrom, Fraud Manager at Warver family.


The advice is simple

The advice is simple

Keep your secret code secret and block your card immediately via Card Stop  in case of theft or loss. “That is the first step. All too often we see that cardholders keep their code in their wallet or agenda, whether or not they are hidden in a telephone number. They also often go to the police first or look for their card. But it is very important that you immediately block your card, “says James Maelstrom.

He also says that caution is always required when you are approached by a stranger when you leave a supermarket or when you withdraw money from a vending machine. “We often see that these people intend to steal your card or wallet. Even if your card was (apparently) swallowed by the machine, you must always have it blocked immediately. ”

We also recommend that you keep track of all cash tickets of purchases with your credit card. When you return home you will be able to check the settlement of your credit card more easily.


Be careful all year round

Be careful all year round

Fraudsters do not only work during the holidays. “Since a few months, we are increasingly confronted with a so-called Microsoft help desk that calls customers because there is a problem with their PC.” They ask the customer to go online so that they can solve the problem. They then ask to pay for this service online. And there it goes wrong. “They allegedly charge a small amount for the repair, but the customer’s card is then debited for amounts ranging from € 200 to € 500,” said the Fraud Manager.

The phenomenon of phishing e-mails also remains current. The victim receives an email from a brand he knows well. He is asked to confirm his details on a website that looks completely legitimate. Nothing is less true. “In this way, criminals receive confidential information that allows them to misuse your means of payment.”

Via Warver family Online you can also register for the Warver family Alert service. You will receive an SMS or e-mail when your credit card is used for an amount greater than € 150. A handy tool! And this service is free in June, July and August. Click here for more info.

Finally, we advise you to regularly check your statement of expenditure, for example via PC banking. Becoming paranoid is not good for anything, but “that way you quickly detect every fraud,” James Maelstrom concludes.

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Which banks give a loan without reference /which-banks-give-a-loan-without-reference/ /which-banks-give-a-loan-without-reference/#respond Thu, 18 Apr 2019 13:37:02 +0000

The requirements of banks to their potential customers do not always include the provision of documents on solvency. Many companies are ready to apply for loans with just a passport. To obtain a solution, it is enough to check the credit history and make sure that the borrower has a stable source of income. This article will tell you which banks provide loans without reference in 2018, what will be required to obtain contracts and what options can be profitable.

Advantages and disadvantages of lending without reference

Advantages and disadvantages of lending without reference

The main advantages of this lending are that it is processed according to an accelerated program. As a rule, it is possible to form an application for a loan online, and when signing documents you will need to provide only a passport.

The decision is also made as soon as possible, mostly without the human factor, but automatically at the expense of banking software. But the lack of proof of income does not mean that the bank can approve financing without checking the data. The decision is made on the basis of credit history, and the time for acceptance can be spent no more than 1 hour.

Such express lending saves the client time, but as you know, you have to pay for everything. Contracts that are executed on one document, without checking solvency, carry additional risks. Accordingly, in order to minimize losses, financial companies increase loan rates.

This situation can be attributed to the shortcomings

This situation can be attributed to the shortcomings

In addition to an excessive overpayment, by taking loans without income documents, the borrower cannot claim the extremely affordable financing limits, limited to only small offers.

I would also like to note that lending agreements for which the potential borrower did not prepare the necessary set of documents, as a rule, are spontaneous and are executed in a hurry.

Than managers of sales of consumer crediting can use, having included in additional services insurance and other conditions in which there can be no need. All this leads to higher credit costs and affects the financial position of the borrower.

Banks that give loans without reference

Banks that give loans without reference

For registration of the contract, it is enough to be an adult, have a residence permit in the country, be a citizen and be employed. And banks will already estimate solvency on the basis of a credit history and judging by the company in which there is an employment contract.

Company regulations may change periodically, and other organizations may be added to this list over time. Also, our list of banks that give loans without income certificates does not include small local companies. Consider banking organizations and those products that they offer separately.


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Lenders Pray for Your Car Loans – Reviews /lenders-pray-for-your-car-loans-reviews/ /lenders-pray-for-your-car-loans-reviews/#respond Thu, 18 Apr 2019 13:07:31 +0000

I have taken the time to view the KwartaLoanLender website. The site is basically an auction house for car loan companies to compete for your car loan activities. They offer quotes for new car loans, used car loans and for people who want to refinance their loans.

They even have a section for bank CDs and high-yield savings accounts. If you are looking for a car loan for a new car or second-hand car and you cannot pay in cash, take a look at my review of this website.


Their Edge

Their Edge

KwartaLoanLender is very unique from other car auction markets by offering “buyer-oriented auctions” to consumers. That is, the sellers are the ones who bid while the buyers (you) choose. They also eliminate the time-consuming burden of ‘comparison shopping’ by giving their customers free access to live on-demand auctions, 24/7 (with all sellers offering to bid on your business based on information you have) with regard to your loan needs, car model and brand). The comparison is presented right before your eyes. All you have to do is choose.


The test

car test

So, in addition to searching the tab of the site by tab to give you the highlights, I went ahead and submitted a fake investigation for a new car loan. I typed in that I had just bought a 2010 Toyota for which I had paid $ 18,000. I also indicated that my creditworthiness was excellent.

And indeed, in about thirty seconds I had a complete overview of what they had to offer. The cheapest rate I could find through KwartaLoanLender was 72 months at an APR of 5.39% and my payment would be $ 244 a month. However, one thing I immediately noticed about KwartaLoanLender is that they show you the savings that come with shortening the term of your car loan. I could shorten the loan from six years to four, save more than 1% in interest and only increase my payment by $ 96.

They also offer you a ‘savings’ column. This savings number is based on the national average for new car loans compared to your current expected monthly payment for the specific loan offer that you evaluate through the KwartaLoanLender auction.



car Training

I also love KwartaLoanLender for the educational aspects that it can offer by simply clicking on a few buttons. Do you want to see how much you can save by spending more money on your next new car? Just go inside and adjust the auction. I have adjusted mine to only finance $ 5,000. I could then get a six-year loan for just $ 72 a month. To increase the savings, I was able to get a loan for just two years, for just $ 214 a month by simply saving more before buying a new car. In this context, read some of my ways to let yourself be tempted to save for a new car.

Would you like to know what effect your creditworthiness has on what you pay for your next new car? Again, go inside and adjust your auction. I have changed my credit rating from ‘excellent’ to ‘reasonable’ and the results were shocking. At least it shocked me. My payment only went up by $ 10 a month, but the interest rate rose from 5, 39% to 6, 8%. I’m not an economist, but what this means is that you pay a ton more in total costs for the car than you would have if you had a better rating. Don’t underestimate the benefits of improving your credit score.


The simplicity

The simplicity of cars

Another feature that I really liked about KwartaLoanLender was the simplicity. Everything is very easy, everything is very fast. Everything is free and nothing requires any kind of obligation.

To get my quote for my new car loan, I have not entered any personal information. In the past, when I viewed these sites, I noticed that I was “addicted” to providing at least my e-mail address if this was not a phone number. Then, shortly after my visit, my email inbox was blown up with junk mail, or worse, I was hit by a lot of unwanted phone calls. KwartaLoanLender has none of it and does nothing about it.

That is why you will certainly not have to worry that your inbox will overflow with spam after you have submitted a quote. This is a minor point, but it is worth mentioning.


The guarantee

The guarantee

KwartaLoanLender offers a guarantee that you will not find a better price than by using their site. However, it is a “qualified” guarantee.

They say that if you find a better rate within seven days of taking out your loan, they will pay 100% of the difference in your monthly payment for the first year and also send you a $ 50 check.

However, the rate must be through the same bank or credit union with which you took out the loan. If it were me, I’d call multiple banks or credit unions that I was considering to use before the deal was made about what seems to be the best rate. Because, if you were able to find a better price, this guarantee still doesn’t help much if it’s through another lender. You should be particularly good at your homework if it is a five or six year loan because the better price can make a world of difference. Yet there is no doubt that this is a great feature.


The bonus

The bonus

I also found an extra bonus that you can use if you decide to use the KwartaLoanLender services. Currently, if you choose a loan through KwartaLoanLender and close it within seven days, they will send you a check of $ 100. After reading all the fine print and disclaimers, this seems very legitimate. If you close the loan through their site within seven days of acceptance, simply complete a form, send it, and receive your check within 7-10 business days. Pretty fast turnaround.


Give your payment a name

Give your payment a name

KwartaLoanLender also offers a “Name Your Payment” feature that allows you to enter the amount you want to pay for your car loan, and then KwartaLoanLender will notify you if / when they find the rate you are looking for. This can be a good tool to use if you only want to enter your details and then just forget about it and wait until you hear something that meets your needs. However, I do not think this will result in any of these companies competing more aggressively for your company. Yet it is a nice touch.


The analysis

All in all, I enjoyed my experience with checking KwartaLoanLender. There are so many auction types and similar sites that it is really difficult to distinguish them all, but KwartaLoanLender seems to do pretty well and offers a fairly unique service. If you want to compare car loans from different banks and credit unions easily and hassle-free , check out KwartaLoanLender.

If you want to be able to do this without worrying that your inbox will go with frivolous offers two minutes after you arrive, go to kwarta loan lender. If you want a super fast quote on a car loan, new or used, this is a great option. And finally, if you want to see the impact that a good credit rating can have on your next car loan, and how saving money for your next down payment will affect the terms of your loan, KwartaLoanLender will be an eye-open experience for you . Play with their calculator and you will see the importance of both.

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