Do not resort to an extreme act: CP to victims of online loan applications

With the rising number of suicides due to harassment and public shaming of app-based instant loan providers, Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar has appealed to the public not to download instant loan apps unauthorized.

He also advised tenants not to resort to any extreme acts and instead to go to the police in case of harassment.

personal details

“Do not give anyone your personal information and bank details. Always review the terms and conditions and check the licenses of companies offering loans, whether they have been obtained from the relevant authorities like RBI or the District Collector,” he said.

He urged people not to download such a mobile app which asks for access to contacts, files and gallery.

People have been warned not to fall for unscrupulous elements, but rather check the background of the company/company offering loans online or through mobile apps.

Mentioning that the names and addresses of NBFCs registered with the RBI can be accessed on the RBI website, the officer suggested that the public could report information about unverified/unauthorized applications to law enforcement agencies. concerned or use the RBI Sachet portal ( for online complaint filing.

“Complaints against RBI-regulated entities can be accessed through the RBI Complaints Management System (,” Mr Sajjanar said.


He also asked people to get closer to the police in case of harassment by these applications. “People can contact Cyberabad Police through Cyber ​​Crime Police Station 100 or WhatsApp 9490617444 number 9490617310 and not resort to extreme measures,” Mr Sajjanar added.

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