Delhi police allege Chinese loan app fraud, 8 arrested

The police discovered that the extorted amount was transferred to a current account.

New Delhi:

The Intelligence and Strategic Operations Fusion Unit (IFSO) of the Delhi Police Special Cell has arrested eight people from Delhi and other parts of the country for allegedly extorting people under the guise of providing and reimbursing the Amount of the loan.

The defendants used a Chinese loan application to make loans and extorted and abused people under the guise of not repaying the loan amount. IFSO’s special cell unit has so far arrested eight people from Delhi, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Gurugram, Haryana and other parts of the country.

According to the police, a complaint was received by the IFSO unit, in which the complainant alleged that an anonymous person abused her and threatened her by means of transformed images and sent the same to her family and others. . The plaintiff took out a loan from the Chinese app. Although she repaid the same amount on time after repaying said amount, she started receiving threatening and abusive calls and WhatsApp messages from loan company employees, police said.

A team of police carried out raids in Pitampura and Rohini areas where the defendants namely Rohit Kumar, Vividh Kumar, Puneet and Manish were arrested and the mobile phone numbers and devices used in the crime were found. also been recovered. Police arrested another defendant Divya, wife of Puneeth Kumar, who was also later found involved in the case.

During the investigation, it was discovered that out of the two teams running the racket, one team followed the loan seekers and after a day called the loan seekers through different mobile numbers, to refund the money , police said.

“Even after the repayment, the accused used to extort more money from the loan seeker by threatening him. While the gang’s second team handled the financial transactions. After receiving the extortion amount at the bank, the accused used to transfer the money to their masters in China, Hong Kong, Dubai, etc. after converting it into cryptocurrency.All gang members received their share depending on their role and performance,” police said.

DCP IFSO, KPS Malhotra disclosed that the Complainant received threats from multiple WhatsApp numbers. An alleged WhatsApp contact user was using the photo of a senior IPS officer as his profile picture. The lending app is malicious and uses the user’s personal data to send it to a third party, police said.

The police discovered that the extorted amount was transferred to a current account. An amount of Rs 8.45 crores has been credited in the last 15 days and the same amount has been simultaneously transferred to other accounts. Police arrested the Account Owner identified as Rohit Kumar.

On March 14, police arrested the mastermind of the group, Ravi Shakar from Jodhpur, who provided all bank accounts to a suspected Chinese national.

The police said: “It was further discovered that the defrauded amount was sent to China via cryptocurrency by the defendant Krishana. The police have identified the Crypto accounts of three Chinese nationals involved in the case.”

In another raid carried out in Gurugram, the police arrested the accused Sumit, who used to call the victims via a fraudulently obtained WhatsApp number. Based on this statement by Accused Sumit, another accused namely Kartik Panchal alias Deepak was arrested who was the team leader. It was further discovered that he was leading a team of callers who called loan seekers who had taken out a loan on their application.

The police filed the case under sections 384, 385, 419, 420 and 120 of the Indian Penal Code.

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