Cop sound alert on loan application scams | Kolkata News

KOLKATA: The detective department of Kolkata Police warned citizens against responding to fake WhatsApp messages offering money for loan repayment. Clicking on the links, cops warned, can give fraudsters access to data stored on the call recipient’s mobile.
Four people involved in different forms of bank fraud, including loan application fraud, have been arrested by the Detective Department’s Bank Fraud Section. According to the police, the defendants are local relays of organizations Jamtara gangs and they organized the SIM maps to gangs to fool people. Raids are still ongoing in the city and other parts of the state to arrest key gang members running fake loan applications.

A woman of Chetla had received an extortion call for Rs 20 lakh after being offered a loan of Rs 11,000. In another case, a managing director of a private company lost Rs 1.7 lakh after being tricked into accepting a loan of Rs 25 lakh to expand his business. “People are getting WhatsApp messages asking them to repay their loans by downloading a particular app and then clicking on a link sent in the message. This is a fake message and recipients should refrain from clicking on such links received from unknown numbers. Stay safe, stay alert,” cops said in a statement.
The Kolkata Police cyber cell is investigating the cases where the victims had received the message that they had been approved for loans of small amounts. After an amount was credited, the victim received a call asking them to reverse it to the link provided. Then the accused began to blackmail the victim, threatening to expose his transformed photographs to further contact.
“The scammers collect the contact details from the victim’s phone book and upload all the documents from the phone gallery to the account of the loan application. If the borrower does not repay the loan on time or even pays on time, the company apps harass the borrower’s contacts, sending them messages asking for payment as well as rude and defamatory messages.Often transformed photographs are sent.They also use social media platforms such as WhatsApp to embarrass borrowers who do not repay amounts greater than they have borrowed,” an officer said.
Cops have also warned that these gangs are most active on weekends, especially the second and fourth Fridays.

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