Buy your dream home with Zillow’s new mortgage calculator and mortgage rates

Zillow, the popular online real estate information database, has just opened the doors of a new app that can make buying a home loan less difficult. Zillow has maintained the following real estate apps in the App Store: Real Estate by Zillow for iPhone and iPad, Zillow Rentals for iPhone, and Zillow Mortgage Marketplace for iPhone. Now a new app is added to this group: Mortgage Calculator and Mortgage Rates from Zillow. In fact, Mortgage Calculator & Mortgage Rates is just the original Zillow Mortgage Marketplace app for iPhone, which has become universal. So basically the new app here is the new iPad version of Zillow Mortgage Marketplace. Like the original iPhone app, Mortgage Calculator & Mortgage Rates for iPad provides relevant mortgage rates and calculators. But since it also works on the larger area, so to speak, of the iPad, the new app has an interface designed with the iPad’s multi-touch capabilities in mind. For starters, the app offers interactive calculators and animated graphics. These allow you to determine how much you can afford, what your monthly mortgage payments will be, and whether refinancing is a recommended option. It also includes an easy-to-use interface to anonymously request and compare personalized loan quotes. To help you choose lenders with quotes, the app lets you browse through thousands of customer submitted lender reviews. It’s like Yelp, but for lenders. Plus, the app has an iPad-exclusive “Get Pre-Approved” section. Through this section, you can be put in touch with Zillow’s preferred lenders who have the ability to pre-approve your loans. Mortgage Calculator and Mortgage Rates by Zillow for iPhone and The iPad is now available for free in the App Store.

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