Bengaluru man tricks businessman out of Rs 49,000 using loan app, arrested

Bangalore, January 23: A businessman was allegedly duped for Rs 49,000 by a 28-year-old man in Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka. The accused, who is an employee of a private company, deceived the store owner using a loan application. The incident happened last year in October. In the meantime, a complaint was registered on December 21. The accused was on Saturday. Online fraud in Pune: A woman tricked out of Rs 62 Lakh by a man on a matrimonial website who posed as a civil engineer from the UK.

The accused works as a boarding school executive in an online company and resides at Devinagar at Pradeep V of Vidyaranyapur. According to a report published in India time, the accused took out a loan of Rs 40,000 using his documents and mobile phone and then transferred Rs 9,000 from his account. In October last year, the 28-year-old approached the businessman and introduced himself as an employee of an online business.

The accused told the store owner that he needed a store to hold the goods. The victim agreed to rent him a shop next to his office. The fraudster then asked for the businessman’s documents including aadhaar card, PAN card and registration certificate. He then installed an app on the victim’s mobile phone stating that the rent would be deposited into his account each month through the app. Mumbai Online Fraud: A 60-year-old retired bank manager tricked out of Rs 12.50 Lakh by cyber fraudsters into sending her a lottery ticket to trick her.

“While I was watching, he entered the details of my documents. Following this, he left saying he would return with the goods another day,” the media house quoted the businessman as reporting. The whole affair resurfaced after the victim received notices from a private financial institution that he had failed to pay the monthly installment of a loan. An investigation has been opened on the subject.

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