29-year-old man harassed by stranger

New Delhi: A case of cheating came to the attention of the Delhi Police Cyber ​​Unit where an employee of a public sector continuously received threatening messages from a loan company providing the app ‘Koko cash loan’ on his Whatsapp number. The incident happened on January 24 when Yogender Sharma, 29, received a text message on his phone about a hassle-free loan. When he clicked on the given link, they forced him to download the application — “Koko cash loan”. He filled in the given form and allowed them to access the contacts and other information on his phone.

But after some time, when he suspected something was wrong with the installation, he uninstalled the app. Later, he received Rs 2,900 in his bank account, however, he did not even know where the money came from and who transferred it.

Then, on January 28, he received a call from an unknown number and the caller asked Yogender to return the loan amount of Rs 5,000 he received from the ‘Koko Cash Loan’ app. He clarified that he only received an amount of Rs 2,900. The victim was even ready to return the same to an authorized account. But the caller intimidated him and pressured him to return the claimed amount via UPI. However, later the caller agreed to accept Rs 3,000 but not in a ‘single transaction’ on the given account. Therefore, Yogender transferred Rs 2,000 in the first and then Rs 1,000. The scammers also sent a message with his photo to people known to defame the victim’s image.

Delhi Police Cyber ​​Unit officials assured that the matter will be investigated soon.

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